Marie ft. Valentýna

with great Visual Artist and Dancer Valentýna Janů (CZE). The central work of the exhibition is a two-channel video installation of music video „Star glow“. Video develops the genre of music clip, through which the artists play out emancipatory rhetoric, consisting of verbal declaration, image composition, animation, choreography and the author’s music track. The mentioned […]

Broths series

Drawing series „Broths“ are healing visual spells. Those magical visualities based on home-cooking sessions. Boiling broth – energetical exchange between me and vegetables and animal bones. Suck the power and go go.. Silk print 72×102 cm 2022

Cow` s Tongue

Short story and drawings as Contribution to marvelous book Animal Touch of editors Eva Koťátková and Hana Janečková. Animal Touch explores some of the most important critiques of human-animal relations – centring questions of labour – with an emphasis on an equitable distribution of resources, symbiotic relations and the sentience of the more-than-human world. With thirteen […]

Spit in my mouth, look in my eyes

risograf print 420 x 290 mm