What would evolution do?


13min / 1920×1080 / 2017

Virtual reality powered by economics and the geniality of the machine-mass are viewed as manifestations of non-violent evolutional development. Autonomy of a machine is however perceived as a possible thread-a view of a machine other than purely utilitarian or profiting is unthinkable, though often applied to the rest of the population inhabiting shared space with which a satisfying contact cannot be accomplished. When the society underestimates its aggressive behaviour towards the rest of the world, the change remains unattainable. In addition, we are all victims of evolution regardless our position in the classification of species.

Grey- Blue line is a story of human society, which was forced to return to its roots-into the sea-water, which in the current political fight articulates other tactical steps. Suddenly a group of three arises facing a difficult task to accomplish: they reach the land where the possible salvation awaits.

The project was created in cooperation with 3D designer Jakub Roček.