14min / 1080×1440 / 2019

Skuzomeetzah is kind of a „video musical“ or „rap operetta“. Insects, or rather parasites dressed up as humans reflect on the power and profitability of the image at the time when the digital world is getting less and less distinguisheable from reality. The pixel is becoming the basic unit of the power system. It is not clear whether it is still on the monitor or already behind it. It can be used as proof of „fake news“ and create brand new realities, while its value rapidly increase and power over it falls into the hands of the wealthy. The bugs (which can also be read as programming errors) have a potential to become the physical counterpartof the pixel, using the technology that is getting out of control for their own emancipation and return to corporeality: to be able to belive their own eyesagain: that is if tehy are faster than the burning planet and the rising curve of extinction of their own species.

Text by Karina Kottová