8min / 1920×1080 / 2017

The body is considered to be one of the determinant elements of being in our hierarchical, patriarchal society. Its shape, color, or ability, puts us in social structures that are very difficult to capture. Social position determines the social roles that continue to prescribe how we behave. Deviations from these roles are punishable; it could be in the form of a warning or criticism, but in the worst situations it could also mean death. The body is perceived in the capitalist system as an economic potential, and thus becomes a conflict of political interest.

In this hierarchical world, two entities, the main protagonists of the video, Gizd and Zgarb, move from timeless reality. Their nature is defined by any gender or species classification, but they take on the form of women’s bodies on Earth. This video mixes documentary, fiction and animated elements, and together they make up the story of two girls who formed from Amalita phalloides, or Mongolia green – a lethal poisonous mushroom. It is the mycotic base of these two protagonists that prevents them from being classified into the patriarchal system. Their human form is undetermined, as it is only temporary and changeable. Both, Gizd and Zgarb, are capable of morphing between animal species and between reality and virtuality, use their forces to save Earth from the ruling class. As a constructor of restrictive rules, they perceive a white heterosexual man, whom they eliminate with the help of poison amalty phalloides and female sexuality.